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She really deserves to run this business because of so many things. She is the greatest person I have met. She was my first hair dresser in 1999 and I was her first client here. We are great friends and besides that, she is a wonderful professional. She cares for each of her clients. I would not know what to do if she moved away. I do not like using anybody else. Love you Luzia! You're the best hair dresser.  

- Edilamara ( Dila )

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First of all I would like to say that I have been Luzia's Client for over 9 years. I am a faithful to her because she is the only one who can manage my curls and coarse hair turning it into a beautiful, soft, blow dried hair.


Luzia is a wonderful person. Very friendly, but above all, she is an amazing professional. I have had haircuts, dyes, highlights, blow dry and straightening. Everything she does is with excellence 100% of the time. Once you try her services, she will not let you down. It is a lifetime change for the health of your hair. She is always taking specialty training courses to keep up with what is new on the market. I thank God that I have found you!

- Tathiane Paganini

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Conheci Luzia atraves de uma amiga , que ja era sua cliente fixa, gosto muito do trabalho dela , e sinto muita confinça quando vou arrumar meu cabelo, excellentes profitsais.

- Carolina Rodrigues

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Relax in a great atmosphere

I Highly recommend this place to anyone out there looking to get a haircut and not regret it at the end. I got my hair done with hair Stylist Geraldo. He is a great stylist who does awesome hair and does hair waxing as well. Great atmosphere to get your beauty done!

- Lila Akaike

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I have been coming to Luzia's for two years and I love it. She cares about each client and makes sure everyone is happy leaving the salon. Luzia is a wonderful person and does wonderful work in the salon!

- Jessica Posycola